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The Food Tech Transition Summer School 2019 is the outcome of an academic partnership between Universität Hohenheim as main partner, and
Queen's University Belfast and University of Cambridge, together with industrial partners Energy Pulse and Puratos, and the support network of EIT Food.
Please find information about each partner in the folders available in 'General Information'.

Funded in collaboration with EIT Food, the summer school aims at providing future professionals the critical skills and tools to understand current and future
challenges in the food industry (e.g. processing, conservation, distribution, meal creation) and enable the transition towards a more sustainable industry.
The course is designed to integrate knowledge about food technology and the production side with social sciences and a wider social perspective,
focusing on the impact food technology implies, with the disruption potential of production and consumption logics; nutrition patterns; agronomic practices;
available raw materials, human, environmental and animal ethics that are associated to it. We aim at getting to the heart of the transition issues by having
participants tackle the disconnect between agri-food, technology and society and unleash their creativity in terms of possible solutions and business ideas
that can be created out of the issue itself.

The summer school will take place at Universität Hohenheim (Stuttgart, Germany) from 29 July 2019 to 09 August 2019.

The support of EIT Food for the delivery of the school was paramount, especially as it allowed to provide selected students with financial support.
The selected students will receive the following:
1.Accommodation in shared flats in the Stuttgart area with self-caterer facilities from Sunday 28thJuly to Friday 09thAugust. The flats must be cleared on Friday 09 August in the morning.
2.Lunch from Monday 29th July to Friday 2nd August and from Monday 05th August to Friday 09th August.
3.A one-off contribution for travel expenses up to €200 per person to be reimbursed after attendance of the summer school.

All information are available in the folders here below.
It is warmly recommended to read carefully about the requirements and conditions, the content of the summer school, the courseload and assessment before applying.

For applications: click on the folder 'General Information and Material' here below; then click on 'Information about Applications', and then read the only document available in there. A direct link for registration is provided. Follow the instructions.

Students are encouraged to submit their candidature from April 15, 2019 until May 31, 2019, following the guidelines available in the folders here below.


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Material about the summer school, academic and industrial partners, course content, requirements and forms for candidature
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Veranstaltungszeitraum: 05. Mär 2019 - 31. Dez 2019  


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Applications - Candidature to be submitted here

Applications to be uploaded here. Access is possible only after registration.
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